Watch BTS Perform at the 2018 MAMA Awards


Every time you think that BTS won’t outdo themselves, they prove otherwise.

At this point, BTS is their own competition. The MAMA 2018 turned into a BTS concert.

BTS performed a remix of their critically acclaimed song “Fake Love” and “Anpanman.”

BTS’ intros are out of this world.

The talented group also performed a remix to “Fake Love,” which blew fans mind when Jimin defied gravity with the help of the boys and did a back flip. Jimin really invented dancing.

BTS received a Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 award, the Favorite Music Video award for “IDOL,” as well as the Favorite Male Dance Artist award. BTS also won the Worldwide Icon of the Year award. During their acceptance speech, RM thanked the ARMY for their continued support and playing a big part in the award itself.

“Ah, ‘Worldwide Icon.’ Isn’t that talking about ARMY? In a truly ‘worldwide’ way, they support us from all over the world, and like how in Windows you have to click an icon to run a program, they’re always opening windows for us and making us run. I dedicate this Worldwide Icon award to them. Thank you.”

One of our favorite moments from the night is footage of Jimin dragging a very distracted Taehyung away.

Congratulations to the amazing boys for a hard working and lit performance. We wish them all the world’s happiness because they deserve it.