Serena Williams Makes History With Teen Vogue Cover


Serena posed for the first ever cover featuring a hairstyle we rarely see in magazines. Teen Vogue has been around for a while but the one thing they haven’t done, they can now check off their list.

The December 2018 issue of the magazine features Serena sporting cornrows. It is the first time in the publication’s history to feature a model with the hairstyle.

The interview posted by Teen Vogue touched on topics such as activism and #blackgirlmagic.

Alongside Serena was 12-year-old activist Naomi Wadler who gained attention after her speech at March For Our Lives. They two did a bit of back and forth with Editor in Chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner about what it was like to use their platforms as a way to spread their messages and how they handle it all.

Since the release of the cover, people have been praising the cover and the interview alike.

If you’d like to read the interview, check it out here.

Cheers to you, Teen Vogue. You’ve done a great job.