Lili Reinhart Becomes the Face of The Mighty Company’s ‘Breakup Collection’


Is there anything Lili Reinhart can’t do?

Lili Reinhart may be most well known from her role as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, but the 22-year old actress’ talent surely doesn’t end there. Reinhart is now featured as the face of the new clothing collection from The Mighty Company.

“The Breakup Collection” is a collaboration between The Mighty Company and stylist Ilaria Urbinati, who is known for working with some of the best dressed men in Hollywood including Bradley Cooper and John Krasinski.  This campaign is centered around a space cowgirl theme, and it’s totally out of this world.  The collection features three galaxy-inspired luxury jackets that are both trendy and elegant.


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THE BREAKUP COLLECTION IS HERE. For our first collaboration, The Mighty Company joined forces with Ilaria Urbinati to create a capsule of 3 perfectly-honed jackets, with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Unchained At Last. Over a conversation about break-ups, Urbinati and The Mighty Company’s Jessie Willner decided to turn their commiseration into the inspiration for the capsule: injecting humor into something natively depressing, by taking concepts like being “lost” and “needing space” and translating them into universe-themed visuals in the jackets. Filled with hand-cut elements and satirical phrases atop metallic and patent leathers, the collection communicates the pair’s proclivity to a brand of slight irony reserved for a woman in command of her own cosmic fate. What started out as a passion project between friends quickly transformed into a bigger mission. Realizing their own good fortune in having a support system to lean on, they decided to make it about women who don’t. They partnered with Unchained At Last, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping forced and child marriages and helping survivors rebuild their lives. With all of the proceeds from The Breakup Collection being donated to Unchained At Last, The Mighty Company and Ilaria hope to offer women the support they need to rise above their given circumstances. Because freedom of choice is quite a powerful tool in a woman’s hands when given back to her. 💫

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The jackets in this collection are not only breathtaking, but their sales go to a good cause. 100% of the profits from the campaign will be donated to Unchained at Last, a nonprofit focused on stopping forced and child marriages and helping rebuild the lives of survivors.

This refreshing campaign embodies the spirit of strong, independent women everywhere, and Lili Reinhart is the perfect representative for the brand. You can click here to shop for pieces from “The Breakup Collection. “