Ashley Graham Empowers Others in Her Digital Series ‘fearless’

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

The six-episode digital series is live now.

Ellen Digital Network and Total Wireless teamed up to create fearless headed by Ashley Graham herself.

Ashley is a well-known body activist, entrepreneur and one of the first major plus-sized models to hit the industry.

In the series, Ashley uses her personal insight to help everyday people live absolutely fearless.

The last episode aired December 12th which featured special guest artist Ricky Martin and 32-year-old Ryan Wirtz. Ryan has struggled to pursue being a professional musical artist due to his anxiety. Ashley surprises him by playing a recording of himself to audience members at The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as Ricky. She wraps it up by giving Ryan the opportunity to perform on the talk show stage in front of his mother and the entire audience.

Catch the latest episode below: