Alison Rachel is Supporting Women Through Her Artwork ‘Recipes for Self Love’


Alison Rachel is empowering women through her inspirational illustrations called “Recipes For Self Love.” She’s created a world where women are celebrated through her political and supportive commentary.

In the age of political movements, women empowerment has radically grown in the 21st century. One of which is in social media, where people are able to virtually voice their support through movements or art. “Recipes For Self Love” has grown with the movement as Rachel’s art explores feminism and identity.

Topics of her illustrations range from fat shaming, gender issues, to self confidence. She reminds women everywhere that it’s okay to say no, be yourself, and to love other women as you should love yourself. Her illustrations are clearly drawn with large house plants in the background for a fresh vibe. She has pieced her artwork together into three books with tips, tricks, and pieces from a variety of women to share with the world. You can find them exclusively on Etsy.

You can learn more about Alison Rachel and “Recipes For Self Love” via her Instagram account and Facebook profile.