Catch a Glimpse of Bāeo Skincare: The Solution for Sensitive Skin


The struggle to find safe skincare products is finally over.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, you may have trouble finding skincare that work for your complexion without causing breakouts or itchiness. Have you considered using baby products? It may not be the craziest idea after all.

Bāeo, short for Bare Essential Organics, is an organic skincare company geared towards individuals with sensitive skin. Their carefully-crafted products are safe for the whole family, from parents to babies. Some of their products include a “bare suds” body wash (made of geranium and lemon leaves) and the “bare face” moisturizing face stick (with jojoba, calendula, and Vitamin E).

As a mom-owned company, Bāeo has partnered with several organizations making lasting change in the world. 1% of every sale is donated to Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides low income children with diapers and clothing. In addition, Bāeo uses only natural botanical ingredients and packages their products with recycled or reusable material. They’re both philanthropic and environment-friendly!


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Bāeo is the solution to all of your sensitive skin worries. By using their products, you’re not only helping your skin, but also helping the environment and the world around you.

You can shop for Bāeo skincare products by visiting the brand’s website.