Read Iskra Lawrence’s Body Positive Message

Iskra Lawrence loves herself and she says you should too!

Well-known, plus-size model Iskra Lawrence helped spread a little body positivity today. She posted a picture of her in a bikini in what some would deem “unflattering” angles. However, she posted the pictures with a caption about her love for her body. She wrote that she loves her “real skin, lumps, bumps, scars, squish, fat, muscle, pigmentation allllll of it”. She even took the word “cellulite” and changed it to #CelluLit. The model wants to make sure that everyone knows that they are “good enough” and that you don’t need any alterations to be beautiful.

Iskra has often promoted body positivity in the past. Not only does she spread body positivity on her own but she is also a part of the Aerie campaign that promotes “the real you” as sexy by having models be completely untouched in photographs.

Iskra is such an advocate of body positivity that on her Twitter page, she has an image of herself eating a burger, unfiltered and unposed, during New York Fashion Week and we absolutely love her for it.

She shows us that no one is perfect and that its okay, that what is deemed by society as ugly can be beautiful if you accept yourself. Iskra makes us appreciate our little flaws more and more each day. We love her authenticity and hope that she continues to spread these positive messages.