Learn About Five Top Tips to Making Finals Week a Breeze

No final is fun but these may just help you through your week.

Finals are already stressful enough; teaching yourself material you didn’t get the first time, trying to figure out what you think will or will not be on the exam, wondering if your term papers covered enough content. It can add up quickly.

Don’t give up just yet because we are here to help.

Here are five study tips we think will make studying a whole lot easier.

1. Stay organized and create a list.

Before you begin, write down everything you need to do in an orderly fashion. Whether it be gathering materials or collecting information, make sure you have everything you need before you sit down. This will help you feel less frazzled in the middle of your session.

2. Speak out loud.

Verbally explaining things, either to yourself or a friend, help to process information quicker and more efficiently. After going over information and writing it down a few times, grab a friend or an empty room and practice your material out loud.

3. Take small breaks.

Every hour, try taking a 15-minute break to feel less like you’re cramming. Grab a snack and a bottle of water and relax before jumping back into your studying.

4. Listen to music.

Music naturally has a calming effect so put on some low volume and get to work. Make sure it’s something that can help you focus and really get into the grind of your studying.

5. Stay off your phone.

It’s no surprise we all love our phones but try to love it a little less. Turn it on silent and toss it in your bag so you aren’t tempted to check it and lose your focus. Keep checking it for your breaks and it almost becomes an award through your sessions.

Everyone learns and functions differently so feel free to explore what works for you.

These are just a few we like to use when it’s time to get things done.

Good luck to everyone.