Is Soko Glam’s 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine for You?

Soko Glam

Engraved in Korean culture and commonly known lifestyle, the 10 step Korean routine is sure to give you the glass skin effect.

Adding 7 extra steps into your routine sounds exhausting, but once you understand your skin, you can adapt these steps into your daily skin care routine. All you have to do is know the steps and modify what works for you. Here’s a break down of the routine:

1. Oil Cleaners – removes first layer of dirt and makeup

2. Water Based Cleansers – clean up any left over residue from the oil cleanser


3. Exfoliate – get rid of dead skin cells, you can opt for a physical or chemical exfoliater

4. Toner – balance skin pH for hydrated skin

5. Essence – assist cell turnover while skin stays hydrated

6. Treatments – target problem areas such as acne, dark spots, or wrinkles

7. Sheet Mask – maximize nourishment

8. Eye Cream/Gel – protect sensitive skin around eyes

9. Moisturizer – seals moisture and shoos away fine lines

10. Sunscreen – protects skin from sun damage

The goal of this routine is to feed remove the bad then feed your skin a full course of nutrients. If 10 steps is too much, don’t worry. The point is to take what applies to you, and do it every day. Each routine is personalized based on your skin type. Also, if you have oily skin and are iffy about using oil cleansers, don’t worry. Oil cleansers simply remove your makeup and bad oils from the face, without stripping any of the good oils. If you’re still weary about it, check out the women of BuzzFeed who tested the 10 step Korean skin care routine for 1 week:

You can find more information about the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine on Soko Glam website.