If You Love Legos You’re Going to Love the Latest from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

Your favorite toys are recreated in sterling silver by Tiffany & Co. 

The Sterling Silver Building Blocks set is a recent addition to the “Everyday Objects” Collection from Tiffany & Co. The top of each block has the letters of Tiffany & Co. engraved in the knobs. You can also customize your set by having additional engravings on the blocks. These can come as quite the luxury gift to a big LEGO fan, just in time for Christmas. The Building Blocks set comes with ten sterling silver and American walnut blocks at a price of $1,650.

The overall “Everyday Objects” Collection from Tiffany & Co. features ordinary, everyday items, recrafted into works of art to beautify the home. The collection throws in the finest shelf decorations like ‘sterling silver bird’s nest,’ the ‘sterling silver ball of yarn,’ the ‘crystal glass apple box’, and so much more.

You can view the entire collection on the website.

You can also sweeten up the holidays by gifting the latest jewelry to a special somebody, along with the new Tiffany Eau de Parfum.