Tyra Banks as Eve in Life Size 2 Was Well Worth the Wait

Disney Channel/Guy D’Alema

18 years later and we are still in love with Eve. Since its original release in 2000, we have waited for a second adventure with Eve, and we finally got it.

Christmas came early this year with the release of Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve as we followed Eve with another special friend but this time to save the existence of the Eve doll.

Grace was a toy company CEO and was days away from canceling the doll altogether, but Eve had other plans.

Disney Channel/Guy D’Alema

We have to say, the movie was not only updated with current trends but also current social issues.

Disney Channel/Guy D’Alema

Eve’s makeover included new dolls highlighting things such as body positivity, love is love, and powerful career positions such as CEO. Each doll was backed by a character who inspired the new dolls. The point was to adapt to an ever-changing world and show power to women.

We couldn’t have picked a better way for the story to go, and we are happily lifelong Eve fans.

In case you missed the premiere on Freeform, you can stream Life Size 2 on Hulu now.