Check out What’s Next for Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is known best for her career in Spice Girls and her iconic fashion line but what is next? 

For the 10th Anniversary of her fashion line, Victoria announced that she would be launching her very own Youtube Channel! As if we didn’t idolize her already. In the video of her announcement, she mentions that the channel will be “full of makeup tutorials, styling tutorials, [and] lots of stuff from [her]”.

Victoria is known for her classic, minimalistic style and effortless beauty, which makes us beyond excited to learn from her through her upcoming tutorials. Last year, she proved how much people wanted her advice when she did a video with Vanity Fair, in which she offered advice to people in Central Park.

Although her style is one of the reasons everyone loves her, Victoria also has a wicked sense of humor, best seen in her collaboration with British Vogue for her 10th-anniversary shoot, where she dresses in outrageous outfits and dramatic poses. We never wanted the video to end! We love that she does not take herself too seriously.

The combination of beauty and humor will surely make her the perfect YouTuber and her channel worth watching. We cannot wait for more from her. You can click here to subscribe to Victoria’s channel and keep up with all of her latest collections and videos.