What Would We Do Without ‘Friends’ in 2019?

Warner Brothers Television

Is this real or another set of fake news? Netflix shocked the start of our week, when users discovered that the hit NBC sitcom “Friends” would only be available for streaming until January 1, 2019.

But, not to worry. As inevitable uproar spewed shortly after, Netflix has assured that we can relax and that the beloved ’90s classic will remain available for us to stream throughout 2019. They promptly removed the portion of the “details” tab claiming its removal.

But you’ve been warned, and so have the rest of the “Friends” fandom.

Consider this Netflix’s way of giving us a heads up for what’s to come. Although it will still be available to view for the 2019 year, there is a strong possibility that the show could leave Netflix because of Warner Bros.

Being the original owners of the show, they are preparing to have their own streaming service sometime in 2019. Then again, everything is still up in the air, so who knows if Netflix and Warner Bros. might come to a mutual agreement?

Let’s just say it. Whatever they do, let’s just pray they don’t take away our guilty pleasure, our national treasure. And let’s try not to cry when we binge watch all 236 episodes again this month, just in case.