Gigi Hadid in Versace Pre-Fall 2019


Here’s a look at Gigi Hadid in the latest Versace fashion show.

This is the latest show since Donatella stepped down from being head of the company. The collection continues Versace’s iconic styles and embellishments while focusing on a new design inspiration, Lady Liberty’s torch. Gigi Hadid wears signature jewelry along with the newly revealed gold Safety Pins– a feat from the Versace archive, in addition to the checkered logo tee, exuberant Les Coupe Des Savage skirt, and the original Chain Reaction sneakers in a new colorful way.

Overall the collection gives us elegant, loose-fitting and somewhat revealing looks in order to emulate the symbolism behind the torch; alongside the choice of color, copper, rather than gold, as a reflection of the torch. As Lead Creative Director, Donatella continues to reinvent the brand in order to increase Versace’s revenue after the big changes made earlier this year. This is Versace’s first runway show in New York City at the American Stock Exchange, which underlies Versace’s mission.

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