Explore Your Zen Side with the Buddha Board

Buddha Board

Master the art of letting go with the Buddha Board.

Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, this board is the ideal stress reliever that will magically melt your tension away. All you have to do is paint on the surface with a little water and watch your creation come to life. As it dries, the art will disappear, leaving you with a clear mind to go about the rest of your day. For the artists out there, this board will help you practice new brush strokes without wasting a ton of paper and paint trying to refine your technique.

Buddha Board

It’s environmentally safe and doesn’t use anything other than water letting this little board last for years as long as you properly care for it. What’s more, these little art boards are affordable and would make the perfect holiday gift. The original is only $34.95, the Enso is $24.95, and the mini is $14.95 and fits into a carry-on.

Make sure to pick up your Buddha Board today.