Established Artist Noname Releases Visuals for ‘Blaxploitation’


Chicago vocalist releases powerful visuals for the second track from her album ‘Room 25’

Noname puts the struggle on blast. She explains with intensity the need to break racial stereotypes along with urging her audience to stand by their ethics, and ‘stay woke’ by recognizing their political values.

In the video, a young African American boy has the city of Chicago as his playground. Bigger than the buildings, he roams around the city without fear. The white population of Chicago watches fearfully as the boy is reported on the news.

The song is charged by a funky rhythm that is reminiscent of those found in movies from the 70s starring black actors. ‘Blaxploitation,’ the song title, is actually a combined term, “black” and “exploitation,”  which calls out these movies that recognized black actors-turned-heroes.


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You can watch the ‘Blaxploitation’ video on YouTube

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