A Sweet Treat on Both Coasts: Candytopia Pop-Up


This candy wonderland will bring out your inner sweet tooth.

Pop-ups come and go, but candy is forever. That’s exactly the vibe of the Candytopia exhibit, an interactive experience with locations in both San Francisco and New York City. The pop-up first opened back in August, but has extended its operation through the holiday season due to its extreme popularity. If you’re looking for a fun and unique activity to do with your friends, and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures along the way, this is the place for you.

In addition to its oversized candy art landscapes, one of the most innovative parts of this pop-up is its hall of celebrity portraits. They’re made entirely out of candy, and they’re unbelievably realistic.

With over a dozen interactive art exhibits, Candytopia is an immersive space that celebrates the sweet side of life. It’s probably the closest feeling you can experience to entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, so it’s essentially a dream come true.


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You can click here to buy tickets for the Candytopia exhibit, but make sure you act fast! The pop-up closes on January 6th.