Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson Drop ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’


Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson paired up to give us “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

The duo released their collaboration for “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” and it is amazing. The music video features Miley Cyrus in a car chase from the police as the world is falling apart around her. The video is also riddled with references to our current political status.  There is a sequence of kids with guns shooting kid targets, as well as references to taking a knee for the Black Lives Matter movement. “This world can hurt you, It cuts you deep and leaves a scar” Miley sings on the track.

The end of the video ends with Miley Cyrus on a pedestal with her arms spread out like a cross. The message that this sends us is that we idolize celebrities and pop culture more than what is going on around us in the world. With Mark Ronson’s country-pop mix, Miley’s voice, and the message that they portray, this song is one of the best of 2018.

You can stream “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.