Hayley Williams Offers Important Mental Health Advice


The lead singer of Paramore shares her own mental health struggles in a post announcing her social media hiatus.

Hayley Williams has announced she will be taking a lengthy social media break. She broke the news to her online following via both Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram, Williams offered a thorough explanation behind her thought process when deciding to take an Internet break. In the post, she opens up about her battle with mental health issues for the first time, explaining how she is working on strengthening her mind after receiving a medical diagnosis.


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The 29-year old singer also used the opportunity to urge individuals struggling with mental health problems to seek treatment. She’s encouraging fans to abandon the mentality that feeling emotionally “okay” is sufficient, and pushing them to find true fulfillment in their lives.

In her time away from her personal social media accounts, Williams will continue to work on her Good Dye Young project. The line of vegan hair dye products is currently available on Sephora’s website.

Hayley Williams’ courage in sharing her personal mental health story is inspiring to everyone battling similar issues. The significance behind her social media break has a lot to teach us.