Francia Raisa Stars Alongside Tyra Banks in Newly Premiered ‘Life-Size 2’


If you were a fan of the 2000 version starring Lindsay Lohan, you’ll definitely love this movie.

Tyra Banks mentioned that they’d started filming in July of 2018.

Life-Size 2 features a more mature story line through its main character, Grace Manning (Francia Raisa). Grace is the daughter of the former CEO of the company that created the Eve doll (Tyra Banks). Grace became the CEO after her mother was arrested and sent to prison.

Spoilers ahead.

The movie begins with Grace partying her heart out. It features a shallow-seeming, drunken Grace who regrets her actions the morning after. She definitely has a chip on her shoulder and a rocky relationship with her mother because during her party, she goes off on a drunken rant about her mother and her childhood.

Her nighttime antics affect her ability to get to work on time for a scheduled meeting, and it’s obvious that her employees don’t believe in her ability to run the company. When they decide to discontinue the Eve doll, she does nothing to stop it, only saying that though it’s not what her mother would have wanted, she’s not there to make that decision.

After she picks up some of her mother’s stuff, her young neighbor convinces her to try to bring her Eve doll to life with the same book Lindsay Lohan’s character, Casey, uses in the first movie.

Thus begins Grace’s journey to finding her true self, coming to terms with her relationship with her mother, finding love, and becoming a better CEO with the help of Eve.

Here is Francia Raisa’s reaction to watching the finished product with her Grown-ish cast mates:

Life-Size 2 is now available to stream on Freeform.