A Must Watch: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5


Looks like the thrilling sci-fi series, Black Mirror, will be back before we know it, thanks to an unexpected leak.

A verified Netflix account on Twitter leaked the release date for Season 5 of Black Mirror along with other exciting releases including Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas,  Bird Box, Avengers: Infinity War, Fast and the Furious, and more. The tweet was later deleted by the account, although we should expect Netflix to release new titles shortly before the year ends.

Season 5 will release on December 28th. Below is the Season 5 teaser from the Twitter account.

Bloomberg reports that Season 5 watchers will get to ‘Choose Their Own Adventures’ in Netflix’s newest interactive feature. Looks like we’re in for some advanced binge-watching this holiday season.

Netflix has not yet released any casting information or even a trailer revealing any of the upcoming episodes. The only confirmed theory about Season 5 is that there will not be any sequels to previous episodes. Hopefully, we are in for some big surprises.