Dua Lipa on First Vogue Cover Ever Shot by a Black Woman


Dua Lipa is one of today’s most listened to and beloved female artists. 

Her most famous single, “New Rules,” was blasting all over radios across the globe when it was first released. Dua is also very well-known for her innovative, bold, and playful personal style, which makes her the perfect candidate for Vogue.


Yesterday, British Vogue revealed that they have chosen her as their January issue cover star. In the cover, Dua looks stunning in an off-white Gucci gown with gold Cartier jewelry. The look is paired with softened orange and yellow eyeshadow.

Although Dua Lipa is the central star of the January cover, the issue itself has a hidden star: the photographer. The photographer, Nadine Ijewere, has done various other covers for magazines such as Allure; however, she is making history as the first black woman to ever shoot a Vogue cover.

With this issue, Nadine is changing the game for female, POC photographers everywhere as she expands their possibilities. The combination of these two ground-breaking women has created an iconic Vogue cover that deserves to be honored and celebrated.