Watch Kehlani and Dounia Get Into a ‘Rich Girl Mood’


Kehlani and rising star, Dounia released a new anthem about girl power.

“I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” Kehlani and Dounia made that statement on their new video for “Rich Girl Mood” as they made it rain.

The song showcases female empowerment and shows women to know your worth. They rap about the pressures and freedoms that come with success.


They flash stacks of money and drink champagne, as they’re surrounded by clothes and women dancing.

Kehlani thanked Dounia on Instagram and advised fans to get Dounia’s new album, The Avant-Garden, which fans have been raving about.

The three-minute video is directed by Tired Studio Production and released by Empire Distribution.


The video is pretty creative and shows Kehlani and Dounia roaming around the town breaking laws and living their best lives.

You can preview Dounia’s The Avant-Garden below.