Lindsey Stirling Sings and Plays Violin in Her New ‘Santa Baby’ Cover


Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas album features all of the holiday hits.

Lindsey Stirling started her career using YouTube as her platform, and now she’s working to take over the music industry.

Her innovative style that features a mix of singing, dancing, and playing the violin has given her popularity over the years for such a unique mixture of crafts.

Originally released October 20, 2017, Lindsey Stirling recently released the deluxe version of her album Warmer in the Winter. Accompanying it are a variety of well-produced music videos that you can’t miss out on.

Her most recent video is for the song “Santa Baby” which was originally sung by Eartha Kitt and famously covered by Marilyn Monroe.

Although Stirling sometimes elects other singers to join her performances, she opted to sing and perform this one herself, and we’re delighted at the outcome.

The song features a beautiful violin breakdown and the cutest puppy we’ve ever seen.


Check out the music video for Lindsey Stirling’s “Santa Baby” below.

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