Try Herbivore’s PINK CLOUD Moisturizer + Thank Us Later


Leave your skin glowing and refreshed with this beauty fave. Herbivore’s new PINK CLOUD Moisture Creme is packed with rosewater, aloe water and white tea extract that will soothe, moisturize and reduce any redness you may be facing. Rosewater is high in anti-oxidants and is perfect for reducing the appearance of redness in the skin, aloe water holds naturally rich salicylic acid to help clear up the skin and white tea extract helps to boost radiance in all skin types.

Combined, the three ingredients form a lightweight and natural creme that leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated with a dewy finish. The creme can also be worn under makeup or every day facial products and is never oily, sticky, or greasy, which makes it perfect for all skin types. In case you aren’t quite convinced yet, SeaMakers Co. only sells products that are completely organic.

To snag a jar for yourself, visit their website. You won’t be disappointed.