Zayn Malik Dropped a Bollywood Cover and Fans Are Shook


Zayn, is there anything you can’t do?

The last few years, Zayn has shown he can sing just about anything. Whether it’s pop, R&B, or in this case, Bollywood, the man can belt a tune.

On Tuesday, Zayn tweeted a video captioned “For the fans” with a Bollywood cover attached to the tweet.

Some fans reacted immediately knowing just what the song was and the others quickly caught on.

The song is from a soundtrack to the movie Race and its titled “Allah Duhai Hai.” Many are praising Zayn for his dip into Hindi and Urdu music.

Comments also rolled in from fellow Bollywood loves and culture alike thanking Zayn for taking on the style.

We are big supporters on culture appreciation and Zayn is yet again proving he is one of a kind.

Good job Zayn.