Real Girls Rock Skechers, Check Out the Skechers Street Poppy – Cloud Dust

These comfortable kicks will add a little sparkle to your everyday look. 

What Skechers are you wearing and in what color and style?

I’m wearing Skechers Street Styles in the color Poppy – Cloud Dust.

Can you tell us about the shoe? 

The Skechers Street shoe is a slip-on fashion sneaker. It’s made of purple mesh fabric and dotted with woven metallic silver sparkles. The shoe’s outsole is rubber-based to offer stability and traction, while the Air Cooled Memory Foam insole molds the sneaker perfectly to your foot. The fabric is very light but the shoe also offers sturdy heel support, preventing the sneaker from falling off as you walk.

What do you like about your new Skechers, are you a fan of the brand or maybe a new fan?

I love how the silver sparkle design makes the dark purple color of the shoe pop. I’m also happy the sneakers have a bit of a platform on the bottom, not only because it looks cool style-wise but also because it gives me a little more height. I’ve always liked the Skechers brand because of how it finds a way to blend classic styles with new trends. I haven’t owned a pair of Skechers in a while, but after wearing these shoes and loving them, I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for new designs from the brand.

Where do you plan on wearing your Skechers and why?

I’m definitely going to wear my Skechers whenever I walk around campus. A lot of the colors in my wardrobe are rather plain, so these shoes will be a great way to brighten up my outfits and give them an exciting sparkle. Especially in the fall months when it’s too late for open toes but too early for boots, this shoe will offer a little brightness even when my surroundings seem devoid of color.

Are they comfortable?

These shoes are extremely comfortable! They have memory foam insoles so they mold themselves to your feet as you continue to wear them. My feet are on the flatter side, so having a shoe that essentially fits itself to your shape makes it so much easier to find a cute style that’s comfortable as well. The fabric is also super stretchy and breathable so your feet don’t feel trapped and they have plenty of room to move around.

How often do you think you will wear them?

I can see myself wearing these shoes every day. They’re easy to slip on, so when I’m rushing to get to my morning classes I don’t have to worry about spending extra time lacing up a pair of shoes. They’re already very comfortable since the inside is cushioned, and I know over time they’ll mold completely to my foot so I have a fully customized shoe that fits me perfectly. For any occasion that doesn’t require me to wear dressy shoes, you can catch me wearing my Skechers.     

What types of places will you wear them? 

I can see myself wearing these shoes for the majority of my leisure activities. While on campus, I would wear them to class, to hang out with my friends, or to grab food from the dining hall. Since I go to school in NYC, I also think these shoes are perfect for a day of walking around the city. When I want to dress cute but not have my feet suffer for it, I could pair these shoes with any outfit to look trendy but also feel super comfortable when walking around Manhattan.

Can you explain how you styled your Skechers, and why did you feel this was a good fit?

I chose to rock a more laid-back style with my Skechers. A jean shirt and leggings is my go-to outfit when I want to look presentable but not necessarily dressed up, as well as a casual outfit I would wear to classes on a normal day. I feel like this lowkey vibe fits the overall style of Skechers Street, as these shoes are meant to reflect your everyday look. Comfort is also very important to me, and I think pairing these shoes with an outfit that is also comfy makes for a perfect match.

What inspired your photo?

I chose this design because I don’t like wasting time tying a pair of shoes when I could easily slip them on instead; even the sneakers I wore before this pair rarely came untied if I was able to just slip them on. I really wanted the shoe to be the star of my photos, so I made sure to position myself in a way that put my feet front and center. I also wanted to highlight the vibrancy of the sneaker by setting it against a plain stone background, which offered a stark color contrast. Overall I think my photo shows how practical these shoes are for accomplishing daily activities in a college campus setting.

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