Real Girls Rock Skechers, Check Out the On the Go Joy Whimsical Boots

You need to check out these amazing new boots from Skechers.

Which Skechers are you wearing and in what color and style?

I am wearing Skechers on the Go Joy Whimsical Boot in Charcoal.

Can you tell us about the shoe? 

The Skechers on the Go Joy is a comfortable boot that is perfect for the cold weather. The boot keeps your feet warm with its soft woolen fabric and heated style finish. My favorite is the Goga mat insole that keeps your feet cushioned and supported. They are very easy to get on so they are the perfect shoe in a rush.  These boots are so comfortable and warm I never want to take them off.

What do you like about your new Skechers, are you a fan of the brand or maybe a new fan?

I have worn the Skechers brand before and it wasn’t necessarily my favorite as a kid, but I love their boots so I am definitely a new fan now.

Where do you plan on wearing your Skechers?

I plan to wear them as often as I can because of how comfortable they are and the weather is starting to become colder.

Are they comfortable?

They are made with a Goga mat material, which makes them extra comfortable and warmer. I feel that a lot of boots are missing that bottom that really makes them supported.

How often do you think you will wear them?

I will wear them anytime in the cold and for casual events. I’ve started wearing them to work but changing into my tennis shoes for my shift, then afterward switching shoes again.

What types of places will you wear them? 

I will wear them to and from work, the mall, café, and anywhere I can possibly do so. They are perfect for just about anywhere even on campus.

Can you explain in detail how you styled your Skechers and why did you feel this was a good fit?

I styled my Skechers with a dark skinny jegging pant, a simple white shirt, and my favorite winter poncho from American Eagle. I picked these items because I thought they were perfect fall attire. The dark jeans brought out the boot’s light charcoal color. Then I wore the red and grey poncho because I felt it matched nicely with the boots.

What inspired your photo?

I really wanted an easy to wear winter shoe. The color was neutral that I knew it would match with almost anything. My style is very eclectic and tends to be on the bohemian side, and I thought these boots were a perfect match. I picked the location because of the fall background. I wanted to show the shoes outdoors as they are winter boots and pretty chilly on the day we took the photos. I tried to position myself in a laid back and comfortable position because of the way the shoe is designed and how easy they are to wear.

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