Real Girls Rock Skechers, Check Out the D’Lites in Black and White

Which Skechers are you wearing and in what color and style?

I chose the D’Lites Styles 11930 in BKW, Biggest Fan Walking Sneakers in Black and White.

Can you tell us about the shoe?

According to Skechers, they are smooth trubuck leather and fabric upper in a lace up sporty casual sneaker with stitching and overlay accents. Air Cooled Memory Foam insole. I think the Biggest Fan Walking Sneakers is an updated version of the classic Sketchers D’Lites. While the shoe is primarily made for athletic purposes, it can also be fashionable for your everyday look. The Black and White sneakers can match your everyday outfits. It comes with black laces, but Sketchers went above and beyond and provided white laces as well. Best of both worlds, really.

What do you like about your new Skechers, are you a fan of the brand or maybe a new fan?

I am a new fan of Skechers. They say pretty hurts but you can walk on clouds and still rock an awesome outfit. I honestly have never considered wearing Skechers, but these sneakers have made me a new loyal customer. The fact that I do not have to put insoles in my shoes anymore makes me Skechers for life.

Where do you plan on wearing your Skechers and why?

I plan to wear my Skechers on shopping trips, school, work and riding my bike. They will be perfect for extended shopping trips, where I do not have to worry about foot cramps that interrupt my shopping experience. I can also walk around my neighborhood in comfort and get to classes in a timely manner without limping.

Are they comfortable?

It is comfortable light and the perfect fit. The memory foam makes it feels like you are walking on clouds and they are so soft. I want shoes that are stylish, but I want them to be comfortable, and the sneakers allow me to have the best of both worlds.

How often do you think you will wear them?

Since I am an active person, I will be wearing my sneakers every day because I am always on the go. I plan to wear it around campus. What better way to walk on clouds on your way to class.  To be honest, I’ll probably tire them out from wearing them too much.

What types of places will you wear them?

I plan to wear my sneakers at the mall, school, work, café, road trips with friends, and even parties. I also tried the sneakers with a sundress and it looked marvelous. I would definitely rock the dance floor with my Skechers. Hit the Shoot Dance while rocking my D’ Lites.

Can you explain in detail how you styled your Skechers and why did you feel this was a good fit?

When I saw the shoes I instantly fell in love because they looked vintage but modern and almost like platforms. I like to dress in streetwear and take a risk with a tease of a gothic or anime. I decided to style the sneaker with ripped mom jeans, and added a touch of fishnets, which I thought added to the look; dare to be bold. I styled the jeans with a vintage crop top and wore my Ray Bans Clubmasters. I wore my hair curly and natural and added bold makeup with red lips. I chose this look because I am a lover of fashion and when I saw the sneakers I already pictured how I would go about wearing it. I also added my mini backpack in one of the photos. I like to mix clothes from the 90s and modern era clothes. While my outfit laid back, it provides some sort of statement, because I wanted it to be relatable to the everyday girl. I want my clothes to reflect me as a person and the things that interest me like music and art.

What inspired your photos?

My inspiration was my overall fashion sense which is streetwear but sophisticated. I wanted them to show that I walk with a vengeance. I wanted my pictures to be aesthetically pleasing but relatable. I am obsessed with Pinterest so there were inspirations there regarding the poses and location. My overall mood is the cool chic that is stylish and badass. I chose the location because I wanted to add light and nature to my mood which countered the cool chic persona that I displayed.

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