Your Skin Will Rise from the Ashes with Herbivore’s Phoenix Facial Oil

You have to try this new vegan and cruelty-free facial oil from Herbivore. 

If you’ve been searching for a natural way to re-hydrate your skin and get that deep renewal and replenishment, then you have to try this new facial oil from Herbivore. Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it also contains no synthetic ingredients or dyes. In addition to that, it also offers a concentrated blend of ingredients so that you get the maximum amount of benefits.

Instead of traditional creams or lotions, which are high in water, Phoenix Facial Oil contain no fillers with only natural ingredients. The natural oils absorb easily into the skin so you soak up all the vitamins, moisture, fatty acids and antioxidants. These oils also form a barrier that locks in moisture.

Some key ingredients include rosehip oil, which contains omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 to plump up the skin. Sea buckthorn oil, a rich source of beta carotene and omega 7, smoothes and hydrates skin. Chia seed CO2  enhances the skin’s natural glow and reduces aging. Meadow-foam oil creates that natural barrier to help lock in moisture, while neroli oil naturally brightens skin.

SeaMakers & Co. is known best for selling only the best, organic products that work like magic. Phoenix Facial Oil is perfect for anyone who wants fresher, hydrated skin. You can even use this product to clear up unwanted blemishes left from acne.

You can grab this product from their website.