Steve Aoki + BTS Debut ‘Waste It On Me’ Music Video

Terence Patrick/CBS

Steve Aoki and BTS dropped their music video for their collaboration, “Waste It On Me.”

The video, which was directed by Joe Hahn, features an all Asian American cast. The music video features Ken Jeong, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki, Jamie Chung, Ben Baller, Jared Eng, Leonardo Nam, Vincent Rodriguez, Jimmy Yang, Jessica Lu, Tiffany Ma and many more.

The video is funny, clever, and has a great storyline. This video is a great representation of Asians in the music industry and paves the way for others to make something of the same.


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When Waste it On Me came out and from the get go had so much support from around the world that’s when I realized that this song represents more than just me and bts. It’s bigger than music and we hope to show other asians they are also a part of the global commercial musical landscape. Because of how i felt about the asian footprint in music culture i wanted to make the music video to reflect an entirely asian cast with an asian director. The music video tells the story of waste it on me in an incredibly funny witty and clever manner. Please watch it and hope u enjoy our music video. (Photographed just some of the cast and crew from the video. Thanks to all the amazing actors and filmmakers who made this happen!)

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You can stream “Waste It On Me” on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.