Rimmel London Launches ‘I Will Not Be Deleted’ Campaign


The makeup brand celebrates diversity by taking a stand against beauty bullying.

Even though Rimmel London is a makeup brand, their newest initiative showcases the immense power of natural beauty. Titled “I Will Not Be Deleted,” this campaign brings awareness to beauty bullying and the unfairness of traditional beauty standards.

In an emotional video, several individuals explain their personal experiences with bullying online as a result of their appearance. The project is aimed towards inclusion of all people, and showcases individuals of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and physical disabilities.

One influencer who appears in Rimmel’s video is Stef Sanjati, a Canadian YouTuber who identifies as a transgender woman. Sanjati first gained a large following on the platform through videos that educated her viewers about the transition process. In her latest video, Sanjati opens up about her experience with Waardenburg syndrome and how it negatively affected her self perception in the past. As part of Rimmel London’s campaign, however, Sanjati also explains how she embraces her physical appearance today.

The “I Will Not Be Deleted” campaign is an empowering way to teach everyone to love themselves for who they are and celebrate their originality.

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