Get You and Your Home Smelling like Christmas with Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

You won’t want to miss this.Bath and Body Works always leaves us in awe with their selection of winter scents. From Winter Candy Apple to Vanilla Bean Noel, it’s no secret we are suckers for a good scent.

With Christmas right around the corner, we aren’t opposed to surrounding ourselves in our fave scents a little sooner than planned.

Here are our top five scents you can get right now in candle form from Bath and Body Works:

1. Winter Candy Apple

A fan fave for years and we certainly are not an exception. This is definitely something we don’t mind smelling year round. Coming in the form of candles, body spray and lotion, just to name a few, this wintery scent takes the crown of being our number one.

Bath and Body Works

2. Vanilla Bean Noel

A close second to Winter Candy, Vanilla Bean Noel is easily at the top of our faves list. Also coming in many forms, there’s nothing quite as sweet as smelling like this every time you leave the house, or while you’re sitting in it.

Bath and Body Works

3. Sweater Weather

A newer scent is turning heads this year. Mixed with essential oils and a little more outdoorsy, it steers away from our classic faves but definitely deserves a place in our top.

Bath and Body Works

4. Frosted Cranberry

Another classic takes the cake on simple scents coming together to make magic. If this scent could follow us all year, we wouldn’t be opposed.

Bath and Body Works

5. Twisted Peppermint

Last, but certainly not least, it would not be the holidays without a bit of peppermint. A scent we’ve held onto for years, for obvious reasons, of course, could not be left off of our list. Vanilla and peppermint make a killer combo.

Bath and Body Works

If for some reason you don’t own any of these, treat yourself and grab one, or five, this holiday season.

We encourage it.