YouTubers Share Defy Media Horror Stories After Shutdown


YouTube creators share their experiences with the recently shut down company Defy Media.

Defy Media had control over multiple popular YouTube channels including Smosh (Smosh/Smosh Games), Clevver, Awe Me, The Warp Zone, and more.

Amid the recent shutdown, popular YouTubers are sharing their experiences with Defy Media.

1. Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla is the co-founder of Smosh and Smosh Games along with Ian Hecox. He left Smosh in June of 2017, and after the news of Defy Media closing down got out, he finally revealed that his real reason for leaving Smosh was, in fact, Defy Media.

2. Ava Gordy

Ava Gordy was previously a host for Sourcefed, a popular YouTube channel created and later sold by Philip DeFranco. Sourcefed was soon shut down by Group Nine Media. After losing this job, Ava began working for Clevver which has also recently shut down due to Defy Media no longer being in business. Ava shares her negative experiences as a creator in digital media.

3. Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams, who formerly worked with Clevver (and is Shane Dawson’s boyfriend), revealed that he was forced to be a part of Defy’s Multi Channel Network.

4. Shane Dawson
Shane shared his views on Defy Media in a Twitter rant which he later took down in fear of possible backlash from the company.

While never partnered with Defy, Shane knows people who were (including boyfriend Ryland Adams). Here are the tweets that have since been deleted:

Hopefully, these popular YouTube channels will be able to continue prospering in the aftermath of the shutdown.