Listen to Erich Bergen’s New Song ‘Better In The Dark’


Madam Secretary actor Erich Bergen just dropped his latest single “Better In The Dark.”

The actor and singer took to social media to share his latest song with fans. The pop singer’s new song “Better In The Dark” is a very sex-driven song which is different than anything the artist has ever done before.

Bergen recently talked with Billboard about his new single, his acting, and his sexuality. “I was such a nerd growing up, that I didn’t care about dating and hooking up,” he explains to Billboard. “That was just not my thing. It didn’t happen until later for me. And I think still people don’t really look at me sexually. So when we first started talking about the song we were like, ‘Well, do you want to go down this road? A song that says we shouldn’t talk about this, we should just fuck? Is this really what you want to be saying?’ And I thought, well, I’ve never done anything like this! I’ve never gone down that road.”

You can stream Bergen’s new song on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.