California Fires Pose Danger to the Homes of Many Known Celebs

Alyssa Milano, The Kardashians, and Rainn Wilson are just a few of our faves in danger of losing their homes. The series of fires spread across four different counties is actively burning and some well-known figures are at the end of losing their homes.

Since the fires started on November 8, stars such as Khloe Kardashian, Alyssa Milano and many more have taken to Twitter to post updates on the fire and their families, vacuation plans for their animals and prayers for the affected areas.

Unfortunately, not all news was good news.

The fires are not only posing a danger to homes but to major landmarks in our television history.

The Bachelor Agoura Hills mansion is in the line of fire and the Paramount Ranch has been destroyed.

Nothing can sum up what those affected are feeling but we are sending our love and prayers to them all.

Stay safe California.