Prep for the Season Finale with This American Horror Story Recap

Danny Moloshok/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

If you haven’t already started watching the newest season of American Horror Story, you should start now.

Season 8 of American Horror Story is giving us post-apocalyptic vibes if you couldn’t tell from the title of the season, Apocalypse.

Our favorite actors have returned for the newest season, and it may be one of the creepiest yet.

The season begins with a bang as the world is slowly descending into chaos after nuclear missiles cause major destruction to the Earth. In the first episode, titled “The End,” a select group of people are protected from the effects of the nuclear blast at a bunker, Outpost 3, made by an organization called “The Cooperative.”

By the end of the next two episodes, three characters, Mallory, Dinah, and Coco, are killed (along with the other inhabitants of Outpost 3) by Venable and Mead then resurrected by their coven.

The fourth episode features a flash back to when Outpost 3 was a school for warlocks, created as a male extension of the coven from AHS Season 3. Langdon was once a pupil at this school, and he makes waves when the leaders there believe that he might be the male version of the Supreme called the Alpha, some thing that no other warlock had achieved. The Supreme, Myrtle Snow, and Zoe Benson visit and refuse to permit Langdon to take the test of the 7 wonders.

In the 5th episode, Langdon is finally permitted to attempt the 7 wonders after resurrecting Queenie and Madison. John Henry Moore discovers that Langdon is the antichrist, but before he can warn everyone else, he is killed by Mead. However, Langdon’s life is already being threatened by Cordelia who has been plotting against him.

It’s revealed in Episode 6 that Langdon is actually the grandson of Constance and the baby conceived by Vivien and Tate in Season 1. Madison and Behold discover that he is the antichrist.

In Episode 7, we discover that Mallory is the next Supreme, not Langdon, and his co-conspirators are burned for their crimes against the coven.

Episode 8 features Michael’s soul-search after he’s left without allies. He quickly finds an ally in a satanic temple where a woman helps him find people who are able to create a robotic Mead.

In Episode 9, Michael ambushes the coven with the help of Dinah and Mead and kills every witch except for Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Coco, and Mallory, the new Supreme. As what’s left of the coven struggles to come up with an action plan, Michael is further weaponized when he learns of his army, the Illuminati, also called the Cooperative.

Watch the season finale Wednesday, November 14th on FX.