New Apartment or College Dorm? Beauty and Hygiene Start with Looeegee

Toss out your old toilet brush, and get the new hygienic Looeegee for a faster, effortless clean.

Looeegee is replacing all the old fashioned toilet brushes. It is a non-stick silicone toilet squeegee with 3o built-in micro blades, providing a more efficient way to clean your toilet bowl. Forget about all those stubborn stains, dirty bristles, and the drips that follow it.

This product is a great home tool for college students, new home and apartment owners, and even beauty and health conscious people.

It’s non-stick silicone allows for the squeegee to swipe your toilet clean and even repels bacteria. This means less bacteria are floating in the air when you use Looeegee. It also has a flexible shape, which allows you to easily clean under the rim and hard to reach areas.

With less time spent cleaning your bathroom, you will have more time for work and play. And after buying the product, you also receive a five year warranty along with it.

Find the product here.