Listen to Ashley Tisdale’s New Track ‘Voices in My Head’


The former High School Musical star released her first single, “Voices in My Head,” since 2009 and it relays an important message regarding mental health. 

We have not seen much of Ashley Tisdale since her big break in the High School Musical movie series and her last album release was back in 2009 for Guilty Pleasure. The release of this new track is ahead of her third upcoming studio album Symptoms, which touches on how she coped with several mental health issues.

“Voices in My Head” aims to portray the singer’s vulnerabilities and how her partner has given her support while she dealt with struggle. The “voice” references the negativity and doubt that we all feel and hear in our head, but that we must ignore and continue to persist. The song has a more mature sound to it, compared to her older pop influences.

The single truly reaches a large audience and we are so glad Tisdale is back in the music scene.

You can listen to the new track below.