Imagine Dragons Release ‘Bad Liar’


Imagine Dragons released their newest song “Bad Liar” from their upcoming album Origins. 

Imagine Dragons just dropped the newest single ahead of the release of their next album Origins, which will be released on November 9th.

In less than a year since their album Evolve, the band has plenty more music to share with their fans on Origins. Their newest song has a very chill beat and a lot more emotion. The song is about lead singer Dan Reynolds’ separation from his wife back in April. The two recently reconciled and never signed the divorce papers. The song is the fourth single from their album.

The group recently shared a short behind the scenes video about the new album on Twitter. After just coming off a world tour, the band is eager to get back to celebrating a new album and touring that one. There will be no breaks for this band, and fans are ecstatic to hear more music from the band.

You can stream “Bad Liar” on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.