Blue Sky Has The Perfect Planner for Those on the Go

  We are loving the new planners from Blue Sky.

These 2019 planners all feature 12 months of daily planning pages, hourly scheduling, space for to-dos, gratitude, goals, notes and extra add-ons such as a snap-in ruler, magnetic bookmarks, and an extra storage pocket.

Our favorites are the Summer Garden and Banana Leaf.

Some planners with everything included can become costly, but not these planners from Blue Sky.


They’re a steal at only $60 per planner. In addition to the daily planner, Blue Sky also offers a weekly Fitness Planner, which is perfect for those jump starting their weight loss journey. They offer planners in a variety of price points as well, ranging from $20-60. No matter what your day might hold these planners are sure to become an added addition to your daily arsenal to take on the day.