Ariana Grande Drops ‘Breathin’ Official Music Video

Republic Records

Ariana Grande released the official music video for “breathin” from her latest album Sweetener. 

On social media, Grande released her new music video for her popular song “breathin.” The music video features Grande in a train station where people are passing by so quickly that you can barely see them. Grande is the only one that is seen standing or sitting in one place. Then at one point the rest of the world is frozen while Grande sings “just keep breathin and breathin and breathin.”

Shortly after the drop of her new music video, she sent out some thank you notes to fans, as well as a thank you to Hannah Davis who directed the music video.

The music video comes just after the release of her new song “thank you, next” from her upcoming album. You can stream “breathin” and “thank you, next” on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.