Accessorize with MEND Jewelry

MEND Jewelry

The stunning pieces from this jewelry brand will revamp your wardrobe.

It can be difficult to find jewelry that is both fashionable and affordable. Luckily, MEND Jewelry is both.

The online jewelry company was started in 2017 by founder Jordyn DiOrio, with the goal of bringing women together through a common love for accessories. MEND connects its three elements, beauty, meaning, and stories, together to create unique pieces that stand out.

One of the most gorgeous stones MEND Jewelry offers is its rose quartz.

MEND Jewelry

This crystal induces love, compassion, and kindness, as well as aligns with the heart chakra. Hailing from Madagascar, it can be placed in any room to evoke positive emotions. It also corresponds to the zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra.

The rose quartz from MEND is also available in necklace form.

MEND Jewelry

This necklace displays the stone in a gold casing which connects to a gold chain. Its presentation is subtle yet calming, and pairs well with almost any outfit.

You can browse the rose quartz jewelry, along with the full selection of MEND Jewelry pieces, by visiting the brand’s website.