The mimish Sleep N’ Pack: A 2 in 1 Lifesaver

Are you looking for a bag that can do both? Then the mimish Sleep N’ Pack is here to the rescue.

The Sleep N’ Pack is made for warmth, comfort, and convenience. It is easy to carry around and wear a backpack and sleep. Get you a bag that can do both.

mimish was created by two working moms and they found the solution for creating more space for everyday activities.

If you love camping and the outdoors, then the mimish Sleep N’ Pack is perfect for you.


It is perfect to sleep comfortably away from your bed and you can conveniently transport around easily. The draw-cords allow you to tweak the hood and neck effortlessly in the dark.

It is great for any occasion, really. The Sleep N’ Pack is even great for sleepovers where it is easy to fold up, carry, and store.

You will not have to carry multiple bags overnight trips you can store all of your personal items like flashlights, headphones, tablets, books, and more in the three storage zipper pockets. One of the zipper compartments is big enough for clothing.

I bet you are thinking that the Sleep N’ Pack could not get any cooler. Well, it also offers temperature support. There is an offset quit that gives you even coverage with no cold spots. You do not have to worry about moisture and stains because the pack has a durable water-repellent finish.

The Sleep N’ Pack is once the size and comes in three colors: Software, Pirate Blue, and Surfer Blue.

The Sleep N’ Pack is worth buying and is retailed at $89 and you can subscribe to mimish’s newsletter with your email and 10% off your order.