The Elite 3 Artís Brush Set is All You Need for Flawless Makeup

You’ve never used a brush set like this.

If you haven’t used Artís before, do yourself a favor and start now.

Their oval brush set is a fave of ours to use in our makeup routine. Whether you want to use it for every product you use, or just one, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

The Elite 3 Brush Set includes three brushes that can double as an applicator for multiple products:

  • Oval 7 – Foundation, Blush, Contour
  • Oval 3 – Eye Makeup, Concealer
  • Linear 1 – Eye liner, Brows

From the handles to the bristles, the brushes are designed to fit perfectly in your hand combined with thousands of fibres for a smooth application.

The set comes in two colors: mirror and smoke.

If you’re trying to snag one of the best brush sets in the game, check out their website here.