Personalize Your Roses with Rose Box

If you are looking for an elegant way to decorate your home, or give a romantic gift, Rose Box is the product for you. 

With the holiday season coming around the corner, it is time to start gifting and thinking of unique things to give to the ones you love. With Rose Box, you can personalize your own box of fresh cut roses for that special someone. Not only is Rose Box for your romantic partner, but it is also perfect for home decor.

The roses are fresh-cut and hand-picked from an exclusive rose farm in Ecuador. What makes Rose Box different from other floral products, is that they are uniquely preserved using glycerine. This means you can enjoy their beauty for up to a year.

By building your own box of roses, you can celebrate any occasion and save the memories that come along with it. The boxes come in different sizes with various quantities and colors of roses. They also offer several collections to choose from including: red roses, metallic, bridal, pastel, velvet, and many others. 

If you are looking for an extra pop of color in your bedroom or living room, or need a special gift for someone you love, personalize your rose box here.