French Montana Funds Preschools in Home Country of Morocco


The “No Stylist” rapper continues his philanthropic efforts by funding a Moroccan preschool.French Montana has continued to aide his home country of Morocco.

Sabae School of Fida-Mers Sultan will be receiving funding for two different classrooms by the “Welcome to the Party” rapper.

The school will be receiving supplies and other items needed to keep up the classrooms. The rapper is no stranger to philanthropy. He has been previously linked to Mass Bailout which is a program that makes efforts to free women and children who cannot post bail for years.

The “Welcome to the Party” rapper actually originated from Morocco before moving with his family to the U.S. when he was just 13. French has always been open to discussing his Moroccan heritage and was given U.S. citizenship this year.

On Twitter, the rapper reposted an article by TMZ reporting the funding, and he excitedly expressed that he was more than happy to give back to his home.

Montana has other work in philanthropy including teaming up with Adam Levine. All proceeds from the “Famous” remix give undocumented immigrants assets to go to college. He was also able to team up with The Weeknd and Diddy to help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a three-story hospital in Uganda.

For all his efforts, he was named Global Citizen Ambassador. It is great to see someone using their platform to do good.