Netflix Finishes Casting of High School Apocalypse Dramedy ‘Daybreak’


Netflix has just finished casting their high school apocalypse dramedy Daybreak. 

Based on the graphic novel by Brian Ralph, the dark comedy follows 17-year-old Josh Wheeler searching for his girlfriend Sam in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. Joined by some other outcast misfits, Josh tries to survive against Mad Max-style gangs, zombies, and Ghoulies, along with everything else according to a Netflix press release.

Colin Ford is set to play Josh Wheeler. Alyvia Alyn Lind will play Angelica, a pyromaniac who saves Josh’s life after a run-in with gangs. Sophie Simnett will play Sam Dean, Josh’s love interest. Austin Crute plays Wesley, a former football player, and the high school bully.

The character Eli Cardashyan will be played by Gregory Kasyan. While Krysta Rodriguez will play former biology teacher, Ms. Crumble. Cody Kearsley will take on the role of Turbo Bo Jack, a football player who tries to track down Josh and his gang. While Jeanté Godlock will play Mona Lisa, a girl who got the nickname because she never smiles.

While no word on when the series will air, the first season will be 10 episodes and exclusively on Netflix. You can stay updated on the series progress here.