Starbucks Opens First ASL Store


The coffee franchise’s Washington, D.C. location caters specifically to deaf customers.

In an effort to make their brand more inclusive, Starbucks has opened its first all-signing store in Washington, D.C. Located near Gallaudet University, a school for individuals with hearing loss, all staff members at the store use American Sign Language to communicate with customers.


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We’re proud to introduce our first U.S. Signing Store. 📍Now open in Washington, D.C. 💚 #StarbucksSigns

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The location’s uniform is a green apron with the word “Starbucks” spelled out in ASL, and employees also wear pins that say “I Sign” to notify customers of their abilities.

Customers who don’t know sign language can place their orders on tablets provided by the store.

Starbucks’ decision to open an all-signing store demonstrates the franchise’s commitment to inclusivity by catering to customers of all abilities. We can expect more signing stores to pop up across the country in the near future.