Michael B. Jordan Invites Naomi Osaka to Creed 2 Premiere


The tennis player may have just gotten the best birthday gift.

Naomi Osaka is having quite a year. The tennis player was titled as champion the US Open a few months ago against the best athlete of all time, Serena Williams.

The 21-year-old Haitian and Japanese player attended the Ellen show in September.


During the interview, Naomi revealed that her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan who she referred to as the ‘villain on Black Panther,’ so Ellen took it upon herself to play matchmaker. Naomi shyly dismissed Ellen’s offer of calling the Fahrenheit 451 actor.

Flash forward a couple of weeks later, Ellen is still playing matchmaker.

Ellen posted a hilarious birthday shout out. The show host posted a shirtless picture of Michael B. Jordan with the message ‘happy birthday, Naomi. I got you a present.’

Naomi responded to Ellen’s message by asking the comedian to block her.

Michael came in later and responded to Ellen and Naomi’s conversation by posting another shirtless picture of himself.

Naomi must have lost it because she responded to Michael’s message.

‘LOL, what is going on…If you’re serious I would totally want to go.’

Get you a matchmaker like Ellen.